Support service is poor

    It so happened that I had to reinstall Windows, as a result a new installation of Skype.
    and here I understand that I forgot the password.

    I’m going to reset the password, I’ll indicate my email address, then I’ll get a link through which I’ll go over and enter the password and confirmation, after which, in theory, the password will be changed. BUT! I have written PAGE NOT FOUND! .

    Hmm, I write to the support service, I describe the situation, I'm waiting.

    In response, I get: OK, I think maybe they misunderstood me, and apparently it’s not a robot, because they signed with a real name. I am writing the answer, they say this way and that I did it again - the situation has not changed. The answer is silence. Waiting for half a day - silence. I re-write through a ticket on the site they say they did as per the instructions - the situation has not changed.
    Here is the password reset procedure in deep details:
    1. Go to the following page:

    2. Enter your e-mail address in the blank e-mail address box..

    3. You should receive an e-mail from us in a couple of minutes. This e-mail will contain two links to our website. You should click on the shorter one (the upper one).

    4. Now you should be redirected to our page. If you have several Skype accounts linked to the same e-mail address, you will now be able to see a drop-down menu (which says "Skype Name") at this site, which will let you select the Skype accounts for which you would like to reset the password.

    5. After you have selected your Skype Name, you should enter your new password in each of the two blank boxes.
    The password reset procedure is now complete, so you should be able to get back to your account.

    Thanks written for the ticket, we will repair it.

    Along the way, I asked friends to check - they work for them.

    Next, a day goes by - there is no answer.

    I thought maybe they misunderstand me again
    and I decided to shoot a video

    I wrote it to support with a link so that they looked.

    But the answer (!!) came exactly the same as I published above, that is, they either did not look at all, or simply as a robot the template answers without even thinking about the problem - it is not clear.

    I don’t even know what to do.

    PS: The joke is that I pass the link to another person (token) so that he changes my password - and he also gets page not found, some garbage with a login or what?

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