Ultimate Edition 2.6 Distribution

    Recently, a new version of the distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04 has been released. This distribution is LiveDVD with included programs for the XFCE, Gnome, and KDE environments. This is in order to provide a distribution for those who do not have Internet access or have insufficient speed.
    In the video you can roughly imagine what kind of Ubuntu mod it is.

    UE 2.6 includes several of its themes, wallpapers, Compiz effects are included by default (including 3D desktops, effects of minimizing / maximizing windows, etc.) It is worth mentioning separately that some people don’t really like - the window control buttons in this distribution kit moved to the right side of the window title.
    There are really a lot of programs out there. There is no Russian localization.
    Note: when starting in Live mode after trying to change the theme, the title persistently did not want to change. Maybe with a full installation this problem will not be.

    Here are eight screenshots directly from the project website.
    Pictures are clickable: The official website of the project - ultimateedition.info Download links: (x86 / x64, ~ 2.3 GB) - per page

    Ultimate Edition 2.6 Live with CompizUltimate Edition 2.6 Initial bootUltimate Edition 2.6 Plymouth SplashUltimate Edition 2.6 Sound & VideoUltimate Edition 2.6 GDMUltimate Edition 2.6 AmarokUltimate Edition 2.6 ThemesUltimate Edition 2.6 Dual Monitors


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