Do not forget: video chronicle of war

    It is no secret that almost every year new interesting projects devoted to the history of the Great Patriotic War appear on the network. On the eve of Victory Day, I want to present you another interesting resource dedicated to preserving the memory of the history and events of the Great Patriotic War. The Do Not Forget project talks about the history, key events and phenomena of the war in the format of documentary videos. Everything new is known to be long forgotten old: in the 40s, when television was already invented, but not yet widely used, people learned news about the war from newsreels shot by front-line operators and broadcast in movie theaters before, and sometimes instead of screenings (well, almost like an advertisement now).

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    Now you can familiarize yourself with the video chronicle of key events of the Great Patriotic War and the recollections of eyewitnesses in a more familiar mode - without breaking away from the computer.

    The information is presented graphically: stories devoted to key events and phenomena of the Great Patriotic War can be watched over the years - or can be a common tape, in a row. Also, all the videos are posted on the project’s channel on Youtube , and the channel will be updated - including through videos added by the users themselves.

    By the way, you can add video in the " Video Competition " section : videos skipped by moderators participate in the overall ranking and authors of the best will receive prizes , including Acer Aspire One, HTC Hero, ABBYY Lingvo x3 package and Windows 7 Pro.


    In addition to video chronicles, the site also has first-person appearances - veterans tell their stories, artists share their attitude to the war.

    It was more interesting to me to listen to the statements of the older generation - Valery Kipelov:

    or memories of veterans:

    A very touching story from a grandmother-veteran who looks like an old woman from the Titanic:

    But someone will certainly be interested in listening to the opinion of Vadim Galygin , especially since he, who is not in the know, began his career in KVN as part of a cadet team and himself participated in two parades. A small easter egg: from 51 seconds, a distant relative of a magnifying glass appears on the video - a certain loach looks down at his eyes in Galygin’s frame :)

    about the project

    The site was conceived and created by the same team that the project “ Russian Internet School ” did, previously announced on Habré. The site was launched on May 1, and has already collected its portion of positive feedback from users - for example (excuse me, habrausers), in my VKontakte group.

    However, the Victory, as you know, is one for all. I hope that the participants of the most advanced RuNet community will not stay away from this holiday. For this, such projects as Do Not Forget are needed.

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