We make a website to help find professional contacts

    Good afternoon habrahabr!

    We want to show you what we have been working on for the past six months or a year.
    We are a small team of 2 people who are writing a project.
    Designers had to be hired on freelance, because the fact that we managed to draw is only suitable for a madhouse.

    The essence of the OCQO project is to find professional contacts, organize online meetings, communicate in interest groups. Also, the user can create a page for his company / enterprise and publish his prices, contacts or something else there - create a small business card site.
    It is also inconvenient when 2 people participate in the correspondence, and the 3rd person needs to be forwarded, so when creating a letter, you can specify how many and who will participate in the correspondence, and these people can immediately and simultaneously communicate, like a “forum thread” with limited access. It seems difficult, but believe me, this is intuitive.

    All people are lazy, so registration and sign-in can be done via twitter, openid, Google account, Yandex account, etc.
    In the light of recent events, we will tweak authorization through VK.

    The project has been written for quite some time, because there is no such financial possibility to hammer and write a pure project.

    They tried to make the personal account convenient for filling.
    That's what came of it, look, I think it’s convenient.



    The biggest problem will be in promotion, with this it is still unclear what to do because we have not enough knowledge, we will probably order promotion or read articles, but so far we don’t have a person who will do this.
    If anyone has a desire to help the project in promotion, we are welcome, we will be grateful.

    Unsubscribed to Habr specially, so as not to relax after the May.

    The project is scheduled to launch on July 1. Before this, testing, searching for bugs, adding new features, etc.

    If you are interested in the project and you want to be the first to test it, see what and how - please leave your Email to me in PM or on ocqo.ru

    Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for criticism / suggestions.

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