Hidden encrypted disk with protection against thermorectal decryption

    Recently , a few topics about information encryption methods to protect against mask shows have slipped on the Information Security blog . But all these methods, based on heated discussions in the comments, do not pass the test with a soldering iron.

    Therefore, I want to offer my own way of protecting data from especially interested masked persons - encrypting data on a hidden drive, which has an additional level of protection against a soldering iron.

    So far I have found such an opportunity only in the program truecrypt (opensource, win / linux / mac) - " hidden volume ", so I will talk about it with an example. Although it is possible there is something similar in other cryptographic systems.

    It works as follows:
    1. A file with an encrypted disk is created, which is encrypted with the first password, for example data.img, is connected as a disk.
    2. Any semi-pale yellow data is written to this disc, which after much persuasion in case of a threat of using a soldering iron can be shown to ill-wishers by typing this first password. Well i.e. so that they look like data that you really wanted to hide from the eyes of the owners of the soldering iron, but in fact it’s not really scary if they find them.
      This data does not need to drive the entire drive to the eyeballs, but only a part, leaving free space.
    3. On top of the remaining free space from the data of the first disk in the data.img file, another disk is created, which is encrypted with a second password. The most valuable data that cannot be displayed even after direct contact with the soldering iron is already recorded on this disc.
    As a result, we get one file with two encrypted drives.

    In total, everything turned out looks something like this: image

    Using the first password, we get access only to the first disk, and truecrypt developers claim that the second disk is available (I didn’t go deep into the subject, I trusted their words), we don’t know in any way without knowing the second password.

    And, accordingly, knowing the second password, you can easily access the second disk with the main data.

    The program also provides the connection mode of the first disk with protection against data corruption of the second disk (in this case, both passwords are requested), otherwise when writing to the first disk in normal mode, you can spoil the data of the second hidden disk.

    All this is done using the program’s GUI interface, it should not cause any special difficulties in the settings. It also supports console mode, which allows you to work with these disks through scripts.

    In total, if masks show came to us, the action plan is as follows:
    1. We give our experts to the probing specialists to carefully probe our server.
    2. They find a suspiciously large file on it, begin to pester us with questions.
    3. First we refuse, we say that it’s just a swap, backups, an archive with a prone, or something else, just break the comedy.
    4. After serious threats begin to pour in from them, all the same, that this is an encrypted data disk, we tell them the first password with tears and snot.
    5. They rejoice, connect the first disk with this password, receive data, find something terribly scary in them, grunt you a little for it and let it go.
    As a result, the wolves are fed up (they still forced you to open the encrypted disk and found something to screw off, without even realizing that there was something else) and the sheep were safe (you didn’t show them the most valuable data and they didn’t even try with you shake them out using a soldering iron, i.e. they got a little fright) .

    UPD: I do not offer a way to completely protect against a soldering iron and solve all problems , I just described an additional opportunity to protect my data with a second level of secrecy , which is not visible from the side even after a thorough search.

    And if the ill-wishers do not realize that you have a second hidden disk, then by external signs they will not notice its presence in any way and, accordingly, they will not spend excess electricity on the soldering iron. And how to make sure they don’t guess about it - the task for everyone is individual, with the use of ingenuity and creativity.

    And this method is more reliable than a production server in a company with an allegedly empty hard drive without partitions (with hidden encrypted partitions), which immediately arouses suspicion. And here the file aroused suspicion, we decrypted it with the first password, showed all the data and calmed down, suspicions that there may be another encrypted disk in the same file is unlikely to appear without direct interference.

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