Documentation: Domains and IP Addresses

    Often, system administrators, as well as many other near-local people, need to write articles, short guides and recipes for setting up equipment and various kinds of software. In a huge number of such publications, mention can be made of ip-addresses and domain names; at the same time, the authors' imagination knows no bounds, there are all kinds of addresses impossible from the point of view of binary arithmetic, such as “120.340.560.780/22” and domains, for example, “”, “”, etc.

    I would like to warn the authors against this practice, as this introduces confusion into the documentation, especially in the case of editing an article written by several people, and also directly contradicts the recommendations of the IETF committee, which has quite clear and formalized recommendations in this regard:
    • According to RFC 2606 , domains and subdomains are allowed as domain names for examples in the documentation: .example,, and
    • According to RFC 5735 , ip ranges can be used as “white” IP addresses for examples in the documentation:, and
    Colleagues, let's write documentation in accordance with our own standards. So it, in the end, turns out better.

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