Boot from an OEM image of a Win7 netbook

    For youth and stupidity, I installed Win7 on a netbook. This was prompted by the presence of its (Win7) licensed version. But the day came when it began to brake mercilessly, and the netbook would need more performance (in fact, I just need to put Oracle there to study).
    But there was a problem: Win 7 in “disk management” shows that the image really is and even calls it OEM, but I can’t get to it. It is not visible in the explorer; during system recovery, Win7 recovery starts (and earlier the same OEM was launched).
    Yes, you can install XP from a flash drive, but I don’t have the drive that came with it (lost, yes). Putting a “left” list is an extreme option, but I’m just wondering: now how to load an OEM image from under Win7?
    Maybe someone came across?

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