Opera 10.53 beta 1 for Linux released


    Today the first official beta version of Opera 10.53 for Linux and FreeBSD has been released. In fact, this version contains all the innovations included in the final version for Windows and Mac, with the only difference being that the debugging of new functions has not yet been completed in the Linux version. Therefore, we are waiting for error messages from you - this will help us to prepare a convenient and stable browser for the final.

    However, there are differences from other platforms. In particular, now the Linux version has freed itself from "Qt-dependency", containing everything necessary for rendering graphic elements. Also, this change allowed us to make the browser interface more adapted to such different environments as KDE and GNOME. Try, test, send your comments and suggestions.

    Another important point is changing the license text for this version. No, we did not switch to one of the free licenses, but made some changes to the text of the existing version that remove some of the restrictions on the distribution of browsers in Linux distributions.

    And now about the sad. As it turned out, errors in the package management system of the Ubuntu 10.04 distribution package cause the Opera browser to be removed from the system (along with a number of other applications). We hope that this misunderstanding will be corrected soon. Details here .

    Download Opera 10.53 b1 for Linux / FreeBSD

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