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    SDK for LinuxYou asked: what does ABBYY produce besides the well-known FineReader and Lingvo? And on our forum, people often ask: are we planning to release FineReader for Linux? So, this post is the answer to both of these questions! The Linux file has long existed as an API and is called the FineReader Engine. And more recently, we released a new, 9th version of the Engin for Linux, which even faster, more accurately recognizes a larger number of languages. In more detail about what FREngine is and who needs it, wrote Vasily Panferov, Head of Technology Product Development.

    The main difference between the Engine and the box file is in the target audience. In this product, we mainly focus on program developers who need reliable functionality for recognizing and preprocessing documents, pages or just pieces of text in the form of pictures (no, FineReader Engine does not recognize captcha :)).

    And here Engine shows all its flexibility. Need to be integrated into the workflow system and make scans of documents available for indexing? You are welcome. Want automatic paper sorting? Easy! Or you can even embed the engine in some kind of scanner, and then you won’t have to think about which side to turn the document before scanning - you will receive a pdf in the correct orientation, which you can then find by keywords.

    In a word, if you need some non-trivial functionality for processing and recognizing text, then with FRE it will be easy and convenient. The developer gets all the features of the desktop FineReader'a and even more.

    Frengine for linux

    And if you want something completely simple and immediately working, then for this we have a shell for the command line . With it, you can convert images to a format that you like best, whether it be a pdf, a simple txt file or formatted rtf.

    And as always, if the user has questions, then our technical support will not leave any of them unanswered and will explain how to use our products in the most efficient way.

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