Startup Idea: Unscrupulous Customer Database

    Hello to you habravchane!
    There is one idea for a startup, but there is absolutely no one to share with it to arrange a “brainstorm” and a little criticism of it.
    The service focuses more on online stores (perhaps suitable for freelancers).

    In general, the meaning is as follows:
    At the moment, online stores are rapidly developing and people more and more often visit them in order to purchase something. But there are both unscrupulous stores and dishonest customers, but what’s interesting: there are directories with online stores where reputation and comments are put on them, but there is no similar catalog, but with a customer base. This is what I wanted to discuss.

    upd .: Verdict - the service does not live. Thank you all for your comments :)

    First of all, I want to ask the question to the owners of online stores, projects, freelancers: have buyers / clients often deceived you?

    An example of an unfair buyer in an online store:
    Makes an order → managers contact him and send the purchase (cash on delivery, for example).
    1. He does not pick up the goods at the post office and it stupidly lies until the expiration of the storage period.
    2. He receives the goods, but after “insert the term” spills juice / compote / tea on it or scratches / drops / breaks and declares that “it was”)).
    3. He changes the goods an infinite number of times a week before the end of the warranty.
    4. Another 100,500 reasons why he may be right, but you don’t think so.

    An example of a dishonest customer from a freelancer:
    He orders a beautiful picture for 500 rubles, provides TK (in his understanding) and the work
    started 1. omg
    2. wtf
    3. O_o
    Examples are clear to everyone (this is not so, it is a little higher, etc.). The result of this work can be an endless amount of time spent in vain for 500 rubles or even “scammers” with the promised reward for the speed of work.

    The essence of the project: to create a single database with unscrupulous customers, which would indicate the name, city, electric mail, etc. Naturally, not in a public mode, but in a paid one, for example, to subscribers or a one-time SMS service.

    Who fills the base and how?
    Subscribers of the service can fill in the database (in the infa about an unscrupulous buyer, which store added and a comment on this will be displayed)

    What are the guarantees that you will not get into it yourself, breaking your leg on the way to the post office, thereby fulfilling paragraph 1? :)
    Here you need to think about the appeal)), and on the other hand, no one forbids you to trust a person in this database.

    This does not violate the human right to confidentiality and other blah blah blah?
    To be honest, I have obvious problems with the laws and regulations :)

    How much will it cost?
    Xs, at first the year will probably be free, and then, when filling out the database, you can think about it.

    Do you think anyone will need this?
    This is what I would like to understand here :)

    Strictly do not judge, but if anyone undertakes it, I will be glad to present an idea :)

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