УХХХуу.ru - an attempt to make life easier for a motorist in a big city

    With cities like with children: a small city - small problems, a big city - bigger problems.
    I live in Moscow and I am a motorist. It’s not easy for motorists in Moscow. Basically, people with striped sticks, traffic jams and parking, or rather their absence, spoil our lives. You can go over to the pedestrian camp, but those have their own problems. I have to adapt. We hone our communication skills with traffic police, we leave early, we study lanes and paths, we park, blocking others and leave phone numbers on pieces of paper. uHHHuu - an attempt to make the life of a simple motorist a little easier.

    How it works?
    You register, indicate the mobile number, phone number, as a result, anyone can send a message to your car, or rather, through the car to you. The total cost of one message is 5 rubles.

    What opportunities does this provide?
    First, you don’t have to flaunt your mobile number, how many people can call what time. The second - blocking someone you can just forget to leave the number (say, in a hurry). In our case, I registered and forgot. Third, it’s easy and simple to communicate with neighbors / neighbors in traffic. " uhhhhuu " allows you to respond to messages sent. Fourth, strangers can greatly help you when you are not expecting this at all. For example, to remind about the headlights not turned off, or about the window not completely covered during the summer rain.

    How to avoid unnecessary spending?
    We have implemented the function of checking the vehicle number for subject matter. There is no way to make it free yet, but the price in a rupee is seventy, in my opinion, not much biting. And also, we give out stickers for free. If our sticker is on glass or the case, you can write safely.

    What do you need?
    I would like to hear the opinion of the community about the form and content. How much do you need such a service? Why you will / will not register?

    PS Quickly transferred to "I am PR", until they zamusunuyut.

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