Flance.ru - all runet freelance

    Now there are a lot of services aggregating freelance projects , the latter has just appeared in "I am PR", I want to tell you how it all began.

    Back in 2006, we launched the first such freelance service - flance.ru , at about the same time there was a PR topic on Habré , which safely went into the minus, because in those harsh times, PRing on Habré was considered bad form and they killed for it karma (truth, truth). The service is actively working now, combining the 23-freelance resource into one feed. For the convenience of users, each registered user can configure the feed independently and receive it through rss.



    If you are the owner of a freelance resource and we don’t have your resource, write in the comments, we will add you to the feed.

    Service is completely free, use your health!

    PS We have a special place for free, social advertising (top right), if there are organizations that are involved in charity work, helping children or something like that, please contact us and we will post you for free.

    Taking this opportunity, I urge everyone who has their own projects to allocate space for social advertising, it seems to us important.

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