Apple did not bypass Microsoft in capitalization

    A sensational message was distributed by MarketWatch tonight: Apple bypassed Microsoft in terms of capitalization (having realized the mistake, they had already corrected the text by adding S&P instead of “capitalization” in the header). At about 1:30 Moscow time, stock prices on the NYSE exchange were set in such a way that Apple's market capitalization briefly exceeded Microsoft's market capitalization! That is, Apple for several minutes supposedly became the world's largest IT company and generally the second largest corporation in the world, second only to Exxon Mobil.

    In fact, the situation is different.

    Firstly, MarketWatch in its information does not lead to full capitalization, namely market capitalization, that is, the sum of all shares that are traded on the open market (float-adjusted). This assessment method is used for the S&P index and is relevant exclusively to financiers, but not for comparing the actual size of companies.

    Secondly, shortly afterwards, Microsoft published financial results for the last quarter with impressive numbers, after which its stock quotes rose significantly.

    If we take into account the real capitalization, then at this minute (04/23/2010, 16:27 GMT), Microsoft has 275.3 billion (stock price $ 31.39), while Apple has $ 242.39 billion ($ 266.47). the difference is about $ 33 billion, that is, the leader is still far away.

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