Learn to Sell - Xerox Nationalization Pack

    We bought here the other day in an office an engineering machine of the well-known company Xerox. They brought and lifted (with mats, I note, lifted - because the main module weighs almost 300 kg.), They began to deal with a lot of boxes that come with the main module and contain all kind of shell rust such as trays, brackets for an external monitor, etc. Along the way, check on the invoice - that is. And we do not find in the list a certain “nationalization package” - it costs as much as 1000 rubles. Strange, we think - it seems that they brought everything, the supplier somehow never failed. And here it is - we find ... so, have you prepared? Do you know what Xerox marketers consider a separate module worthy of a separate payment, a separate package and a separate part number and a modest price of a thousand rubles?



    I came across a lot - “specific” memory in HP printers (in fact - just a slightly different form factor), non-standard HDD connectors for VAIO. But like this - to take the simplest wire that I can buy for 100-200 rubles, and wind 500% on it - you need to be able to! Bravo Xerox, guys know how to make money.

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