Last straw or Goodbye, Opera!

    This morning, as usual, I came to work. As usual, I chose Opera in the taskbar. As usual, I decided to read But Opera answered only with a deadlock ... Of course, I’m used to it lately that it often crashes on blogspot blogs, in the local Voronezh forum, but deadlock happened for the first time. And that was the last straw ... I

    ’ve been using Opera since 2002, from the 6th version. From the first days I liked it for its unbelievably fast work on my dial-up 24 kbps. Of course, in those distant times, not all sites were displayed correctly in the opera, I had to use both it and the navigator. But the love of Opera did not pass. Even when the 7th version came out with a terrifying interface.
    The opera was staged by friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances.
    And now, after 8 years, the day came when the Opera had to leave. It is simply impossible to endure these crashes and hangs, this terrible work with tabs, this blocking of left content on the page by searching the source and writing addresses in Blocked content. And what do I need from the browser? I give a comparative table of browsers, which I considered as an alternative. Which one I chose is probably obvious.
    comparison table
    Note For Chrome, I indicated with a question mark, because I know about the existence of AdBlock, but did not use it.

    So, from today I have a new browser, which I will put to friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances. I hope someday, when the race for CSS3 / HTML5 / SVG / ACID3 subsides and a simple user comes out on top for the creators of the opera, when I can work with tabs normally, I will return to the opera. But not now ...

    PS Oh yes, "the fastest browser on Earth." Well, the fact that Habr opens in opera three and a half nanoseconds faster, I will try to survive;)

    UPD: I’ll try to explain what was meant by normal work with
    tabs (visual + scrolling) 9 tabs - all chocolate
    20 tabs - in opera, visual tabs 10px high, it’s very “convenient” to navigate
    23 tabs - in the opera, the visual tabs disappear (I didn’t turn off the setting, why did some uncle decide that I didn’t need them?)
    In firefox while they are the same, it’s convenient to scroll, you can see the neighboring

    PSs about pcm + scroll in firefox with installed FoxTab I won’t even say it, I need to see it


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