Just5 CP10 - phone for geek's grandmother

    About a year ago, I had to spend a lot of time choosing a suitable mobile phone for my grandmother. The phone requirements were extremely simple - large buttons and large numbers and letters on the display. However, no matter how minimal the requests were, there were no models satisfying them on the market. If you chose a phone for your elderly relatives, then you probably came across this.
    So when I was offered to take a phone specially designed for the elderly for testing, I immediately agreed. And here is Just5 CP10.

    CP10 goes to the buyer in a large white box, which in large print tells the owner that he purchased the phone not only with large buttons, but also with a big heart. It is not known what marketers had in mind, but it is definitely not worth looking for a Snapdragon processor inside the device.

    Opening the box, we find the device itself, comfortably located in an orange velvety bed.

    In the lower compartment, the charger and headphones are folded. Special thanks for the orange Just5 charger. One immediately wonders why other manufacturers leave the power supply only the blackest of all colors. Apparently they never had to unravel the snake ball from the power cords. If they were of different colors, the task would be greatly facilitated. Although with the widespread transition to recharging from USB, this is no longer so relevant.

    The instruction, as promised, is printed in huge print and is quite simple and easy to understand. Perhaps someone will even read it. Although potential users are likely to be instructed by grandchildren, who will give this phone, and they will not need any instructions.

    The phone itself turned out to be quite convenient and smart. And, despite the rounded design, often referred to as “remnant”, the device in the hand lies tight and comfortable. The CP10 has not only large buttons, it also has rather impressive dimensions - 107.6 x 50.8 x 17.2 mm, weight - 98 grams. Retirees do not watch the competitions “on the thinnest phone”, but they will appreciate the smartness.

    The build quality is high - there are no creaks of the case, no backlash backlash, all parts are adjacent to each other very tightly. The materials used are clearly not cheap - the rough matte plastic is very pleasant to the touch and does not slip even in wet hands. Pollution to the phone does not stick.

    On the front side is a standard set of numeric keys. Each button has dimensions of 15 x 12 mm, they are pressed without problems even with the thumb, which is rare for modern devices. The font on the keys is large, easy to read.

    All the number keys have a bright orange backlight, hang up and reception, as expected, are highlighted in red and green, and the menu buttons are white. Due to the large size of the numbers, some unevenness of the backlight is noticeable, but it does not interfere.

    The backlight is quite bright and noticeable even in sunlight, which further increases the legibility of characters on the keyboard.

    The screen in CP10 is monochrome, with orange backlight, physical dimensions - 24.5x37 mm. The numbers are large and easy to read, the height of the main characters is 13 mm, lowercase letters in the menu and text messages are 3 mm. The screen fits up to four lines of text.

    The rejection of the color screen by the manufacturer is a very reasonable step. Monochrome displays do not fade in bright sunshine, and information is read without problems.

    On the right ridge there are volume keys that fit comfortably under the index finger and the FM radio power button.

    On the left are sliders for the thumb of the right hand. Bottom - locks the phone keypad, the top includes a built-in flashlight.

    Yes, the phone has a built-in flashlight! At the top of the phone is a white LED, which is turned on by the upper right switch. Did you often have to look for something in the dark using the backlight of your phone? I personally had to repeatedly, and this function in CP10 I really like, although I can not imagine how such an LED would look, for example, on HTC Hero.

    Next to the LED there is also a thin connector for the charger and a standard 3.5 mm jack for the headset that comes with the phone.

    On the back of the case is the battery cover and a large orange SOS key. You can assign a call to the selected subscriber or send a text message to it. The function is certainly useful, but not very well implemented: the slider is not tight enough, and can easily switch in your pocket or by accidental pressing, which, by the way, is also accompanied by a loud siren.

    Under the back cover is a 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery. The manufacturer promises up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Making 10 minutes of calls per day, the device will definitely last without recharging for at least a week.

    Under the battery there is a SIM card slot of a not too convenient design, it will not be easy for an elderly person to cope with it. However, this is absolutely not a significant drawback, the SIM card can be installed in the store or by more dexterous children and grandchildren, who are likely to give them this phone.

    The menu of the device is extremely concise and clear. Each item is indicated by a large pictogram with a signature. Navigation through the menu is done using the keyboard arrows, and the reception and end keys serve to confirm and deselect, respectively.

    The localization is good, the Russian language of the phone can be called literary. Abbreviations in the names are not used, text that does not fit on the screen is displayed as a creeping line.

    The call quality is good, the volume of the spoken speaker can even be called slightly redundant, so it will be right for older owners. The microphone has sufficient sensitivity, I managed to talk on CP10 even in the subway.

    Well, a slight excess - FM radio. To turn it on, use the switch on the left edge of the phone. Important note: the radio can work without connecting a headset, while the sensitivity of the tuner is excellent, although at maximum volume, the speaker significantly wheezes.

    Due to age, I cannot objectively evaluate the convenience of this phone for older people, but it seems to me that they should like it. All requirements are met: the keys are large and brightly lit, the numbers on the display are large, noticeable even on a bright sunny day, and the speaker volume is excellent.

    Significant disadvantages include only cost. Still, almost 4,000 rubles for the simplest phone, the main audience of which is elderly, not too well-off, people are a considerable amount. But here we must take into account that they most likely will not buy the phone themselves, but will receive it as a gift from children and grandchildren, for whom this amount is no longer so significant. And there are no reasonable alternatives to this model in the domestic market.

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