Space and canvas

    The painting gives an opportunity to see the uncreated, to put a glance at a point where there was no camera yet, therefore it is not surprising that the subject of space is well represented in it. This publication is by no means a review of all the artists depicting space, but rather a run through landmarks through the prism of my taste perception.

    Artist Anatoly Muschenko

    It is unlikely that the first “space artist” could be found, but the originators of this genre were clearly the illustrators of fiction Jules Verne. “From Earth to the Moon” and “Around the Moon” were read by future cosmonautics pioneers, and, launching their rockets, they could recall a picture of an epic, if not realistic, shot of a colombiad.

    In the 1920s, there was a group of Amaravella cosmist artists in the USSR, but they were inspired mainly by the ideas of the Roerichs, Blavatsky, Chyurlionis and cultures of the East, therefore they painted every indefinite mysticism. It is unlikely that the painting “Work in Space” by Sergei Shigolev, written in 1927, depicts real people working in real space.

    Shigolev’s fate was sad, but other members of his generation managed to do more. Chelsea Bounstell (7 years older than Shigolev) became a beacon in painting for Americans who dream of space. His illustrations appeared in magazines since the mid-1940s and were used in the book "The Conquest of Space" in 1949, which was read out to the holes of the boys, struck to the very heart by a Soviet satellite.

    10 km above the pole of the moon, the source is a

    small satellite

    In the USSR, worked Yuri Shvets. He worked more for the cinema, the production designer, and his work is visible in the beautiful films of Klushantsev, but the pictures could well be yours.

    Alas, in reality, 1996 was marked by very different events. The

    launch pad of the orbital space station

    Then came the turn of artists who, apart from fantasies, saw space flights directly. Paul Callie ( official site ), for example, became the only artist who was invited to record the process of putting on Apollo 11 astronauts in space suits before the start. In addition, he painted and actively painted for stamps.

    Neil Armstrong


    Robert McCall ( official website ) did not just write a lot of space pictures, but also made them absolutely epic in size (how would you like a picture of 44.5x14 meters?). He also drew concepts for Kubrick's "Space Odyssey".

    The scale of the picture is clear, McCall on the left. The

    size of the pictures made it possible to place many objects, creating a heroic epic, and consider them better in full size.

    "The Spirit of NASA"

    Many people visited the space, and it is not surprising that astronauts appeared. The combination of knowledge of technology and the ability to see the beauty made their work only better.

    The most famous artist-cosmonaut, of course, is Alexei Leonov. And his creative duet with Andrei Sokolov ( site with a collection of materials ) became a classic and pillar of space painting. At the same time, the authors were not limited to realism, but also wrote fantastic pictures.

    “People of the coming planet”, triptych

    In the crater of Mars

    One of the 12 people who visited the surface of the moon was Alan Bean ( official website), who began to draw what he saw. The peculiarity of his manners is an additional layer in the form of traces from the spacesuit shoes over the main image.

    "New Frontier"

    "Field geologists, what is needed"

    And the least known is that the artist is Vladimir Dzhanibekov, the one who, together with Viktor Savinykh, brought back to life the outdated Salyut-7.

    “Before the start”

    “The Red Horse”

    It is wonderful that the dream of space is still alive in our contemporaries. Artists work:

    Sergey Kraynev

    “Study visit. OK „Mir“ And Space Shuttle "

    Anatoly Muschenko

    Creates fantastic isohayku Igor Savin.

    The young artist Anastasia Prosochkina has already managed to achieve significant success. Her works combine artistic vision and attention to technical details (Anastasia consults with industry workers). The original style is popular, the paintings were ordered and Roskosmos, and private space companies.

    On the crowdfunding platform “Planet”, Anastasia’s project on the release of the space calendar is coming to an end, and has already been collected five times as much as the required amount. I am glad that the idea of ​​hanging a calendar for the next year with space drawings on the wall is interesting and for the general public.

    In addition to the above links to the sites of artists, a huge and unique collection of space art was collected by the Public Museum of the Future , there are already more than eleven thousand images, including even filmstrips.

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