Third-grader hacked into a school computer network

    Fairfax County's secondary school computer network has not resisted the intelligence of a 9-year-old student, writes the Washington Post. According to police, the boy hacked into the Blackboard Learning System , changed the passwords of teachers and staff, changed or deleted the content of training courses, changed the list of students and assigned some of them administrator rights.

    The police decided not to open a criminal case because of the lack of material damage and the intention to cause serious damage (they lost interest in the case as soon as they determined the identity of the cracker). Now they will deal with the student in the civil process. Investigation materials were presented to the court this week.

    Question: can I be charged with breaking into a system that even a third grader can crack? Although, maybe this is not due to the weakness of the Blackboard Learning System protection (it is used in more than 5,000 schools and universities in the USA), but in the special talents of the boy? According to police officers, this is a very smart child. They refused to give his name.

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