Player IconBit HDS41L and HD40NMT vs HDTV_test_files

    I welcome you [% username%], I want to share with you the result of testing two players from IconBit: HDS41L and HD40NMT for their omnivorousness and performance.

    Initial data

    • IconBit HDS41L - 1pc;
    • IconBit HD40NMT - 1pc;
    • HDTV_test_files fileset (1.6);
    • SATA Hdd, freshly formatted and containing only test files;
    • Home media server - a linux-based computer on which samba and UPNP (mediatomb) servers are raised;

    Test result

    Unfortunately, the comparative test turned out to be not entirely honest, the video on the HD40NMT could only be submitted through SAMBA. He completely refused to show anything from the UPNP server, and I tried two different ones (mediatomb and ushare). The HD40NMT could not read files previously uploaded there by another player (I suspect that he did not have enough rights to the files created by another user), but formatting the HDD in the HD40NMT is possible only when installing NMT applications, which I did not have.
    Nevertheless, the result was quite interesting:
    File nameResolutionOverall bit rate 1IconBit HDS41LIconBit HDS40NMT
    SAMBA serverUPNP server (mediatomb)HDD by eSataSAMBA server
    00019.m2ts1920x108047.2 MbpsSlows downSlows downOkOk
    03.split.5.ts1920x108035.2 MbpsSlows downOkOkOk
    720p16rf-001.mkv1280x7201 990 KbpsOkOkOkThe picture crumbles
    Avalon.split.34.m2ts1920x108037.6 MbpsUnknown audio formatUnknown audio formatUnknown audio formatOk
    Casino.21.mkv1920x80015.0 MbpsOkOkOkOk
    Casino.32.mkv1920x80020.5 MbpsSlows downOkOkOk
    Casino.42.mkv1920x80030.3 MbpsSlows downOkOkOk
    Casino.50.m2ts1920x80037.9 MbpsSlows downOkOkSlows down
    Casino.50.mkv1920x80039.8 MbpsSlows downSlows downOkSlows down
    Casino.Royale.BDrip.1080p.SPLIT-004.mkv1920x80025.6 MbpsSlows downOkOkSlows down
    Deinterlace.m2ts1449x108013.3 MbpsOkOkOkOk
    H264_TrueHD.m2ts1920x108038.6 MbpsUnknown audio formatUnknown audio formatUnknown audio formatOk
    hns-fc-new-002.mkv1920x10805 586 KbpsThe picture crumblesThe picture crumblesThe picture crumblesOk
    ovescan_geometry.mkv1920x1080292 KbpsOkOkOkOk
    Garden .1080p.rus.-002.mkv
    1920x107213.3 MbpsOkOkOkOk
    Transporter 3.2008.BD.Remux.
    1920x108023.8 MbpsOkOkOkOk
    twin.peaks.s01e01.sample-007.mkv720x5722 728 KbpsOkOkOkThe picture crumbles
    VC-1_Sub.mkv1920x108019.0 MbpsOkOkOkOk

    Ok - Test passed;
    Slows down- Delays when playing a video (slows down);
    The picture crumbles- The picture crumbles;
    Unknown audio format- The player issued an error "Unknown audio format";

    Details 2 about test files

    File nameResolutionOverall bit rate 1ContainerVideo trackAudio track
    00019.m2ts1920x108047.2 MbpsBluray videoMPEG2, 40.0 MbpsPCM 8 channels
    03.split.5.ts1920x108035.2 MbpsMPEG-TSVC-1, 31.8 MbpsDTS 6 channels, bitrate: 2,073 Kbps
    720p16rf-001.mkv1280x7201 990 KbpsMatroskaAVC, 2000 KbpsAudio1: MP3 192kbps, 2 channels; Audio2: AAC, 2 channels
    Avalon.split.34.m2ts1920x108037.6 MbpsBluray videoAVC, 35.4 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 600kbps
    Casino.21.mkv1920x80015.0 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 13.9 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Casino.32.mkv1920x80020.5 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 19.2 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Casino.42.mkv1920x80030.3 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 28.7 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Casino.50.m2ts1920x80037.9 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 37.7 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Casino.50.mkv1920x80039.8 MbpsMatroska, format: AVC, 35.9 MbpsAVC, 35.9 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Casino.Royale.BDrip.1080p.SPLIT-004.mkv1920x80025.6 MbpsMatroskaAvcAudio1: AC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps; Audio2: A_FLAC, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Deinterlace.m2ts1449x108013.3 MbpsBluray videoAVC, 35.4 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 384kbps
    H264_TrueHD.m2ts1920x108038.6 MbpsBluray videoAvcAC-3, 6 channels, 384kbps
    hns-fc-new-002.mkv1920x10805 586 KbpsBluray videoAvcAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    ovescan_geometry.mkv1920x1080292 KbpsMatroskaAVC, 274 Kbpsnot
    Satoyama.II.Japan.Secret.Water. Garden.
    1920x107213.3 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 12.4 MbpsAC-3, 6 channels, 448kbps
    Transporter 3.2008.BD.Remux.
    1920x108023.8 MbpsMatroskaAVC, 12.4 MbpsAudio1: DTS 5.1 768 kbps; Audio2: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 5254 kbps Lossless; Audio3: Commentary by Director AC3 2.0 224 kbps
    twin.peaks.s01e01.sample-007.mkv720x5722 728 KbpsMatroskaAVC, x264cAudio1: Serbin AAC-LC 6Ch 48KHz ~ 320Kbps; Audio2: Zhivov AAC-LC 2Ch 48KHz ~ 111Kbps; Audio3: ORT AAC-LC 2Ch 48KHz ~ 123Kbps; Audio4: AAC-LC 6Ch 48KHz ~ 285Kbps; Audio5: Comments AAC-HE ~ 52Kbps;
    VC-1_Sub.mkv1920x108019.0 MbpsMatroskaVC-1, 17.3MbpsAudio1: AC3 5.1 448 kbps; Audio2: AC3 5.1 448 kbps


    Conclusions that can be drawn:
    1. DLNA protocol faster than SAMBA
    2. In the HDS41L player, the DLNA protocol is better implemented than SAMBA, but the HD40NMT per revolution
    3. The omnivorous HDS41L is slightly higher than the HD40NMT
    4. HDS41L is faster than HD40NMT - it loads faster, interface response time, video start (40nmt often thinks for a long time when starting a video, in 41l this is not noticed)

    And yet, I think that both players turned out to be successful, I have both in the household, and for several months there was not a single film that would not go to them.

    1 - General bitrate, with sound
    2 - Information collected using MediaInfo

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