Microsoft will release a version of Skype for freelancers


    Microsoft will introduce a special version of Skype, oriented for small business owners and freelancers. In the near future, a preliminary version is scheduled to be released in the US, according to the Skype blog . The so-called Skype Professional Account will, in addition to the standard telephony and messages, include a calendar, notes, a separate business website and some built-in payment system.

    Microsoft expects that new functionality will be useful to those who use Skype for consulting and online teaching. For example, a tutor will be able to communicate, transfer files, schedule meetings, take notes and receive payment in one tool, without switching to third-party programs. Some kind of smart scheduling is promised. The user will even get a “separate website for small businesses”, which will open directly in Skype. There you can show the mode of operation and various special offers.

    You can already register on the Microsoft page.and become a tester. Skype Professional Account is positioned as free, but for now it’s difficult to say whether it will remain so after the official launch or, say, it will be included in Office 365. A corporation is in a hurry to tell about all the innovations - it is noted that there will be other "incredible features" about which later.

    To register, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire with questions about your business and how you use Skype. The registration form is open to everyone, I filled it out and sent it without problems, not at all living in the USA, but then it just says: “Thanks for the answers.” Apparently, you need to wait until someone at Microsoft decides that you are eligible to participate. The blog warns that the number of places is limited.

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