Understanding the new time bonus system at rutracker.org

    After reading the reviews about the new time-bonus system at rutracker.org, I wanted to formulate my thoughts and share them. Yes, at the vote on Habré the majority voted for “I don’t care”, but here a real panic rose on rutracker.org (for more details see here: rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2879173 rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic .php? t = 2886121 ).

    So why don't people like the time bonus system? To answer this question, one must first say two words about the differences between the old and the new systems. In the old system, rating was considered by accounting for traffic. The new time is considered to be the time that you are sitting on the distribution, while it is not so important whether you really distribute or not. Thus, before it was important to choose popular distributions so that you would download a lot, now only your constancy is important.

    Let's try to understand who will benefit from this innovation and who will lose:

    • New users: they will win because it will be easier for them not to ruin their account right away - just keep your computer turned on - and you can download. Previously, I had to think about the rating, which led to problems for people with a gray address and an asymmetric channel
    • Users with a narrow channel - will benefit similarly.
    • Those who seek rare distributions will win, because it will be profitable to keep these distributions on the distribution as well (before, everyone tried to distribute only the popular).
    • Seekers of the popular - nothing will change, because if the distribution is popular, then it will not be kept for rating.
    • Users with a wide channel do not seem to lose or win. It seems to be.

    So who is losing and why are yelling? My answer is those for whom the rating was a toy. Especially users with a wide channel. Because earlier it was possible to gain a rating and brag about it. Now they have no advantage over other users. Yes, the rating is recounted for time bonuses, but at such a rate that 14GB of the distribution corresponds to 1 additional download of the torrent. Actually, we are not talking about the ability to download. Top-siders have long been able to score on distributions and download anything for their whole lives. And the new system does not take this opportunity.

    So my conclusion is that the protests against the new system are irrational. Those who have taken away the toy are protesting, rating. They are not used to a new type of rating (and, perhaps, it is more difficult to wind it up). Time will pass, and all will be measured by time bonuses. But for now, the loss of puzomerka is very unpleasant.

    Do you disagree?

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