iPhone OS 4 beta is available for registered developers

    What are we talking about

    If you are a registered developer of applications for the iPhone, you can download and install firmware on your phone with the new version of the OS, without waiting for the summer release.

    Supported Models

    • Phone 3GS
    • iPhone 3G
    • iPod touch 3rd generation
    • iPod touch 2nd generation

    What happened

    The phone works fine with iTunes and Xcode 3.2 (with the new SDK), all applications survived the upgrade. Inside, there is everything that everyone has been talking about lately: multitasking, grouping of applications, etc. I like the review of features from here - soft.compulenta.ru/522087 There are no bugs
    in work yet. From pleasant trifles - the phone has stopped forgetting hidden Wi-Fi networks.

    UPD : from the words of Slev7n from the comment “update can be done only with MAC'a. and the first beta will expire on June 2. ” About Mac did not pay attention, t. To. updated from it. Download give the usual ipsw. Until June 2, I hope there will be more beta, and there, you see, the release.

    UPD2 : beta 2 was released on April 20.

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