uTorrent is 16% faster than Vuze

    Experts from the University of California have analyzed the speed of downloading torrents, depending on the version of the client. Measurements were taken in August 2009 on the same dataset (600 of the most popular Pirate Bay torrents) and a sample of 10 million users ( PDF ).

    The vast majority of users work with the two most popular torrent clients: uTorrent and Vuze. And it is very surprising that these two clients showed a very noticeable difference in download speed.

    Throughout the sample, uTorrent shows download speeds of about 16% higher.

    The results are virtually independent of ISP. Only the American provider Verizon is knocked out of the overall picture, for which uTorrent and Vuze work approximately the same, even Vuze is sometimes noticeably faster. Apparently, this is due to total shaping.

    Researchers went further and reverse engineered two torrent clients to find out the reason for such serious differences. They found that uTorrent and Vuze are fundamentally different in two aspects: how they process information about neighboring peers and how they distribute the upload speed among peers. Thus, we can assume that the download speed somehow depends on these two parameters.

    Interestingly, the Apollo analytical system from Telefonica Research ( PDF) Among other things, it shows in real time which countries users download torrents at maximum speed. Here is a picture for one of the days (the lighter - the faster).

    via TorrentFreak

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