GTA in real life

    There is plenty of evidence that good car simulators improve real human driving skills ( 1 , 2 ), and the extensive experience of virtual racing can save lives in an extreme situation.

    Few people in a computer game choose a view from the cockpit. Usually we choose the view from the side (a little back and top), so everything looks more colorful. But is it possible in real life to control a real machine from this angle? It turns out you can. You are literally transported into a computer game without leaving your car.

    The guys from the Rooster Teeth project decided to have a real experience. They mounted the HD camera on the back of a pickup truck. The driver was sealed with windshields and side windows and he controlled his car exclusively from the picture from the camera. Please do not repeat the experiment shown in the video.

    Subjects did a poor job. Probably, instead of the steering wheel, you had to give them an Xbox 360 joystick.

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