Android 2.1 and i5700 Spica - a failed experiment

    The other day, I tried to install the latest firmware version 570EXXJCE with Android 2.1 on my Spika. Put it easy, it's not difficult. Now I want to share with you my observations on this matter.

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    Well. The experiment is over. I rolled back to 1.5 (I5700XEIL5)
    The conclusion is this: either the programmers in Samsung are extremely crooked, or Spica is simply not suitable for 2.1 in hardware. I explain ...

    First, the pros:
    The first impressions of 2.1 on Spica are favorable. Everything seems to work. Redone “Contacts”, redone “Messages”. These applications have become really convenient. There is a new YouTube client and of course a new browser that works much faster than in version 1.5.

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    Google Maps “grew up” to version 4.10. They made it possible to work with layers, with their own maps, and even with the experimental functions of Google Labs. I once complained about the GPS subsystem, and so in version 2.1 it works more stable. Satellites are lost much less frequently. Here they are well done. Video playback is no longer interfered with by GPS signal and Internet traffic. The sound does not stutter.

    Of course the new Market. With previews. Just don’t understand that everything is twisted by this? I can also see previews on Cyrket. The pluses include the ability to create multiple Google accounts on the phone at once. Although I do not need it.

    Everything about the photos in this release 2.1 is just awful. They made some kind of monster out of a simple camera that runs for an hour. But behind the controls and the picture itself is not visible. I tried to put alternative programs, but they come into conflict with the standard one and all of them together cease to measure exposure. There are such “improvements” in the furnace.

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    With viewing pictures generally kayuk. The “Gallery” itself has not changed (it only works more slowly), but the programmers assigned the viewing itself to the Samsung application “My Files”. This is such a simple file manager, a copy of what I had on the S5230 Star. Everything slows down and is buggy. Also in the furnace.

    The music player is another creation of Samsung programmers.

    image  imageEk smashed him!

    Previous playlists weren’t picked up. Previously, they were stored in the form of ordinary .m3u on an SD card, but now HZ where and how. All the music mixed into some kind of eerie bunch. I stumbled and realized that you can put things in order in this, but labor costs do not justify that. In the furnace.

    There is not enough memory in Speke. With a large number of running applications, everything starts to slow down, just like Windows Mobile. Do I need it? The general impression is that where the bare android is more or less normal there, and where the Samsung programming begins, nightmares begin. The desire to cram your software into the device is the deepest mistake. If they change their minds and leave an empty system, then most likely it will be a workable device.

    Anticipating the questions of knowledgeable people, I’ll say that I tried both “clean” firmware and a couple of mods from The 3D gallery from Nexus One slows down on Speke mercilessly. She cannot afford such software.

    Very interesting to see what will take place upgrade from the HTC Hero. Will they be able to adapt old hardware to the new OS? Samsung does not succeed so far.

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