I am writing a search engine (virtual project). Introduction

    Recently, the development of new search engines seems to be becoming a fashionable hobby. So our government, according to rumors, is going to make its own search engine. This is contagious. I also decided to develop my own search engine. Virtual. Those. on paper. Well, or rather - on the screen :)
    There is some experience for this. Where's the eye. Where practical. Let's see what happens. In the end, the current search titans were once beginners. Unlike them, those who get involved in this hopeless cause now are easier. There is much more information around than they had. Before my eyes the results of their activities. You can look from the outside and decide what you like in these systems, what is not, what I would like to add, what to remove.
    I'm not going to knock with my heel in the chest to say that I will make everything cooler. I’m not at all sure that the result will ever be translated into working codes. But I’ll try it all the same. Perhaps some of these “paper” developments will be useful to me in real life. If my chatter is useful to someone, I will be glad.
    I am always ready to listen to criticism and suggestions, with the possible exception of “aztoy” and “what the hell is necessary.” For myself, I concluded - it is necessary. It is necessary to put in order scraps of thoughts and ideas. Look at them from the side. Try to understand what I need, what I want. Well and besides - to learn to coherently state your own thoughts. So that after reading at least it will become clear to myself what I wanted to say :)
    And with this chatter, I'm trying to push myself against the wall. To deprive yourself of the opportunity to retreat. I take myself "weakly." Tomorrow I’ll try to voice my first thoughts.

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