How to take a good photo of a glossy phone

    Every day on the site there are several good reviews of new and interesting gadgets. And if all the features of the device are usually described "perfectly", then the photos of the gadget often do not stand up to criticism. Often you have to see this:
    flash in the forehead
    But to get a high-quality photo, even a glossy phone will not require any special devices, even the time spent on getting high-quality photos will be minimal. Everything you need is in almost every house, and you can take pictures on the phone, although even the simplest digital dust box will give a better result.

    Almost everyone is already familiar with the technique of shooting such objects. To take pictures without glare and reflections, photographers use a light cube - a fairly simple device from the frame, on which a white, light-scattering fabric is stretched.

    light cube
    Of course, you can just go and buy it at any photo store, but you can achieve no worse results by spending significantly smaller amounts.

    Option 1: We assemble a light cube of wire and paper.

    homemade light cube

    The idea is simple: we make a cube with a side of about 25 centimeters from the wire available at the farm (you don’t have a couple of meters of wire at home? So what do you do on this site) and paste over it with ordinary writing paper. It looks ugly, but it works great. Note that the cube also has a subject table. It is made of a volume of Shakespeare (a folio in PHP will also fit) and a curved sheet of paper and allows you to photograph objects in profile and at small angles so that the background is white and uniform.

    subject table

    It took me about 10 minutes to assemble a similar design. We transfer the resulting structure to a window where there is bright sunlight, choose a suitable angle and take a photo. If while you fiddled with the wire and tape the sun in the village, you can use an ordinary lamp, but then you still have to work on the “white balance”.

    Here is an example of a photo taken by an old, cheap Sony soap dish using such a light cube and natural light.


    Option 2: Light cube of ceiling panels.

    About 10 years ago, it was a fashion to glue the ceiling with thin squares of foam-like material. Do you even have a couple of such panels left at home? Congratulations, an excellent light cube will come out of them. Even professional photographers often prefer them for being sold in photo stores. So if you photograph gadgets often enough, then it makes sense to buy a pack of such sheets in the nearest construction market, they cost only 100 rubles. It takes 30 seconds to assemble a photobox, disassembling takes the same amount.

    light cube of panels

    After collecting the cube, place in it an object table of a pair of books and a sheet of paper and start photographing. If there is not enough light, you can open one of the sides, but then the shadows will be a little sharper.

    the cube is open

    Here is an example of a photo taken in such a cube with one open side, the same Sony soap dish.


    Good luck with your photos. And we leave the topic of carpets for home porn.

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