Untethered jailbreak method developed

    Geohot once again overcame the barriers set by Apple, and uploaded a video on which he demonstrates ipod touch 3 generations that went through the jailbreak procedure (as claimed), which loads perfectly and works without connecting to a computer.

    Let me remind you that the owners of iphone 3gs whose devices were released after 41 weeks and have an updated boot, previously could only use the tethered jailbreak (when the device was restarted, it was necessary to connect to a computer), by the way, developed by the same Geohot.

    Geohot promises that this method will work on iphone 3gs, ipod touch 2 \ 3.
    You can also hope that it will work with the iPad.

    Geohot promises that the jailbreak utility will be as simple as blackra1n, but has yet to release a release date.

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