Here we are at Habré!

    Who are we?

    Ontiko - on the one hand, we are a developer company specializing in the development of large and highly loaded projects, on the other hand, the organizer of professional IT conferences. I am sure that you know us better than you and I do.

    For example, the super-popular social network VKontakte is one of those whom we helped to cope with high loads.

    For us, a typical project is a social network with elements of photo and video, designed for medium or high loads. We have behind us the experience of creating the largest Runet sites. Through the organization of conferences for web developers, we maintain friendly relations with many leading Runet specialists, which allows us to attract them to the most difficult areas of development and to solve specific customer issues.

    We have been holding conferences for many years. And this year we hold several thematic professional IT conferences covering all areas of the development of Internet projects.
    Very soon (in April) there will be RIT ++ 2010 , which will include RootConf (a conference of system administrators), a conference on managing Internet projects WhaleRider in September and end the year with a conference for developers of high-load systems Highload ++ in October. And that's not it. But, we will share the details with you here later. Upcoming RIT ++ 2010


    will be an integrator conference consisting of a number of independent events to varying degrees. It is important that for each event specific people will be responsible , or rather, specific communities. There will not be a single large Program Committee responsible for everything; there will be many committees “on the ground”.

    Simply put, the organizers of the conference provide logistics, equipment, halls, food, handouts, create a comfortable atmosphere, the experts of the professional communities familiar with you will be responsible for the content of the event.
    For example, the ClientSide conference of client technologies will be the responsibility of the web standards community led by Vadim Makeev. The MayPerl conference dedicated to this immortal programming language is being prepared by the Perl Russia community and personally by Andrey Shitov . Agile Russia is preparing a section program on agile management methodologies . Etc.
    It is checked, if you entrust the matter to professionals, then we will get a really interesting performance for other professionals . And that is exactly what we all need!

    Let's look at the numbers

    The attendance of conference sites during the preparation is measured by hundreds of thousands of people. Visitors look at 3-6 pages per visit, which indicates the high quality of the audience. Among our regular information partners (and there are more than 50 companies in total), such giants as Rambler,, Begun, Agava, 1C-Bitrix,, Telnews, Webplanet, RBC, Open Systems Publishing House, System Administrator magazine ”, .Masterhost, RU-Center, Newmedia Stars,,, WebMascon, iXBT, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Finam, MirPK, ROCIT, 3D-News, business newspaper“ Vzglyad ”and others.

    2009 HighLoad ++ and RootConf presentationsviewed more than 20 thousand times - all presentations and video conferences are quickly laid out in free and free access. The number of subscribers to conference materials exceeds 10 thousand people. There is one bonus: all performances are recorded on video and are broadcast free of charge on the Internet .

    Traditional support for each professional conference is provided by all the leading market players. In 2009, we were supported by Citrix, Cisco, Sun, Rambler, Intel, HP, Microsoft,, Filanco,, Agava, Kaspersky Lab, Oversan-Skalaksi, Domenus, SoftKey, IBM and other well-known companies.
    The active participation of professional communities in the formation of the conference program allows us to form a really interesting set of reports. The average competition is 4 applications per place.

    Read us, scold us, do not forget sometimes to praise and see you soon at RIT ++ 2010 ( #ritconf )

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