Mario AI Championship 2010

    Mario AI GamePlayLast year, the Mario Competition project attracted the attention of the habra public . The winner was published and discussed . And there were even participants from the Habr. The competition turned out to be successful and interesting, and this year it was upgraded to the championship with three subsections :

    GamePlay - resembles the original Mario Competition 2009 , you need to write a controller / agent that runs the best, collects money, and cleans running mushrooms and ducks a fixed number of levels, Learning - 1000 iterations are given for training at a certain level, after which the Agent is evaluated at 1001. Level generationtrack involves creating the most fun levels. The first two sections, GamePlay and Learning , use an improved and upgraded version of Mario AI Benchmark based on the Java tribute to Super Mario Bros , which now also allows you to evaluate agents written in Python .
    New chips have appeared in the level generator: hidden blocks, more complex and diverse levels, sometimes specially “impassable” ones, where the agent will need to guess what needs to be done to extract the maximum number of points from the level;

    Instructions on how to start are extremely simple:
    1. DownloadMario AI Benchmark source package and unzip it.
    2. java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main
    will allow you to play on your own;
    3. java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main -ag
    run one of the agents out of the box
    4. java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main -ag .ai.ForwardJumpingAgent -ld 1 -ls 42 -ll 256 -lt 1 & java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main -ag -vlx 330 -ld 1 -ls 42 -ll 256 -lt 1 & java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main -ag -vlx 330 -vly 290 -ld 1 -ls 42 -ll 256 -lt 1 & java ch.idsia.scenarios .Main -vlx 0 -vly 290 -ld 1 -ls 42 -ll 256 -lt 1

    allows you to play with three different agents together;


    Held at three conferences:EvoStar , CIG , WCCI

    All information in English, however, if the number of sufferers exceeds a certain threshold, I will highlight the main points in Russian;

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