Do you know how much it costs to send a 5 megabyte email? Ukrposhta knows for sure!

    Just now brought me to the site of Ukrposhta. Looking through the “Tariffs” section, a service calculator was found , and in it - the prices for sending electronic messages. Further, there is only a mass of positive emotions :)


    So, sending a “regular” electronic message with the maximum possible number of words (300) and attachment (5 mb) will cost you 198 hryvnias (~ $ 25).
    Move on. Forwarding an “urgent” message of 300 words will empty your wallet by 324 hryvnias (~ $ 40).
    Also, it’s not entirely clear to me how to deliver an electronic message “on demand” or “recommended order”. But the harsh postmen know and will do it for only 162 hryvnias (~ $ 20).

    So there is nothing to complain about expensive internet prices - enjoy! :)

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