Bookkeeping online for small and medium-sized businesses


    Good afternoon,

    we are pleased to present you our product . It can be attributed to the current trend - the startup. I think at the heart of any startup is an IDEA. We approached this thoroughly. Our team was attended by people from various fields of activity (designer, programmer, computer seller), which allowed us to look at the system from different angles. After quite lengthy discussions, a clear view of the system was compiled.


    The first thing we decided to do was come up with a domain name. Good domain names related to accounting were already taken. And to be honest, most of them had little to do with bookkeeping. After a rather serious brainstorming session, it was decided to stop in the name of ACCOUNTS. Here you can interpret this name in two versions: as an account from the accounting arsenal and as Accounts - a speaking Russian surname.
    The domain name has been registered, hosting is also ready for the project.

    Printing Documents

    One of the stages of the project development was to organize the printing of documents and saving them in PDF format. We didn’t have to do such functionality before. We decided to start the study with this. It turned out pretty simple. A good TCPDF project was found that made it possible to obtain the final unicode PDF document with a relatively small file size. In our opinion, this is a good indicator, compared with other services on the Internet, of which there are quite a lot.

    Since this functionality was completely ready and could be applied to any standard accounting documents, it was decided to kill two birds with one stone at once. We decided to make a website for online forms - free generation of basic accounting documents (invoice, invoice, implementation, etc.). This made it possible in the future simply to add the ready-made generation of the required form in the right place of the main system.

    There are a lot of services for filling out and generating strict reporting documents on the Internet and here we didn’t really count on anything. But, despite this, one simple page was made on the main site There was an opportunity to select the required form and fill it in a new window and print or save it as a PDF document. Pages with free forms gradually began to rise in search results and we had regular visitors who, with enviable consistency, visited our site through bookmarks (statistics li).

    So the site of free forms worked, and we at one time proceeded to the development of the main system.

    Main system

    The main system was developed in a completely different style. Standard javascript libraries (jQuery and command) were used to display the site interface. The advantages are obvious: it was required to write less code, and the interface turned out to be as similar as possible to standard accounting systems.

    Another important point of the system is that the data transfer is encrypted using SSL. Certificate RapidSSL (not self-signed), for which a couple of boxes in beer currency were paid 8).
    Also, on the host side, they organized the possibility of delimiting user databases. That is, for our clients personal databases are created that are independent of each other and in no way in contact with each other.


    We suggest you familiarize yourself with the system by watching a short video. The video was recorded by us, the voice is our mascot and the muse of one of the developers of the system. If you plan to record such videos yourself and never did, then stock up on nerves. Specially purchased was a program for recording Jing videos. The advantages of this program include: ease of recording and the small size of the final video. But there are also disadvantages: even in the paid version we managed to record a video lasting a maximum of 5 minutes. For video editing, we tried a program from this office, but work with it was not stuck. There are other programs, but they are very expensive (Sony Vegas - enough Trial'a).


    There are quite a few plans. From the closest: make it possible to install the system locally on a computer or on a web server with the ability to integrate with your system (for example, an online store). Ability to save documents in popular graphic formats. Add new documents to fill out.

    And finally

    Particularly active testers, with real offers and reasoned criticism, have a lifetime license for our commercial product.

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