Blackstar - we need such a hip-hop!

    Blackstar is not necessarily Timati (aka shampoo). In our case, Blackstar is the new single from Briton DJ Richy Pitch (feat. M. Anifest on BBE). And if the single itself is of little concern to anyone, the video for it, made in the style of ZX-Spectrum by the small design agency RamJam , delivers immensely!

    Be sure to wait for 0:37

    UPD: Habrauser reega asked in the comments: “It seems to me alone that on the“ theirs ”FPS Spectrum is just wild . Immediately deliver a response from the CO: this is not a real Spectrum code, it's just a successful styling. Another example of an equally successful retro is the work “Pimp My Spectrum”group Ate Bit in PC 64K format which won in 2008 at Breakpoint. There, all the code is implemented for the real Z80, but it executes an order of magnitude faster in emulation mode.

    UPD: Who else has the strength and potency to create works at Speccy - please do not ignore the nearest demoparty in Grodno (Belarus) - Hackerz Top 2010 . The video version of invitation intro is available here.

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