Will we help inexperienced users?

    I invite experienced PC users, programmers, and just good people to take part in reviewing a new information site for guys . The first pancake is always lumpy, but the site is young, after discussion it can be completely modernized. The main idea is to help young people deal with some life difficulties without outside help.
    After two years of active searching on the Internet, when I felt for a long time that my level of knowledge exceeded the level of an average PC user and many comments in various forums began to look pretty stupid for me, quite by accident I came across Habrahabr.
    And although at first I had little understanding of all the nuances of the site, nevertheless, I certainly wanted to be inside this separate society. As you can see, I did it. So far I have not managed to show myself in the right light for one simple reason, after so many wanderings about services where people who are less experienced than you communicate, involuntarily go down to their level, and here, people are completely different. Now I can write articles as I can, without fear that no one will understand me, I think that my vocabulary is wide enough so that reading my “essays” is not a boring task.
    I will turn from lyrical digressions to the essence. Now that I have spent a lot of time studying technical issues and the theoretical part in the field of computer literacy, I deeply regret that many of my friends, as well as most Internet users, have too low a level of knowledge, and this in some cases annoys me, and more often only upsets.
    Based on all this, I made an attempt to help them reach the initial level with the help of several pages of their site. Although modern guys are trying to look the coolest of all, they do not always succeed in this. Therefore, do not judge strictly, remember yourself in the past years and tell me, if you can, how to best teach our teenagers how to use computers. Is it worth complicating the presentation of the material, or is it too difficult for the “dummies” to write?

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