New version of Divx H.264 decoder with DXVA support

    Into the shelf of H.264 decoders with DXVA support has arrived. Starting with version 7, Divx contains an H.264 decoder and a new modification with DXVA support has appeared . Thus, 4 DXVA H.264 codecs can be distinguished:

    • PowerDVD H.264
    • Media Player Classic Home Cinema H.264 (based on ffdshow)
    • Microsoft DTV-DVD H.264 (from Windows 7)
    • Divx H.264

    Recently I tested H.264 decoders (the beginning and end of the test, then without Divx) on streams from satellite HD channels. Such data is almost the most difficult to decode. There is a beaten stream and the need for fast and high-quality deinterlacing. Testing showed significant superiority of DXVA codecs in such quality tests. The performance gap is huge, CPU utilization on the Core2 Duo E8500 is measured in percent, this is important because performance becomes a bottleneck even on powerful CPUs when deinterlacing is needed. Those. I want to say that for this kind of video material DXVA codecs can be indispensable.

    In addition to the DirectShow H.264 decoder, as in the previous version, there are MKV DirectShow Splitter and AAC DirectShow Filter. Added to them is the MKV Media Foundation Splitter (Windows 7 only). The Media Foundation pipeline was introduced in Windows Vista and is used, for example, in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, so the presence of such a splitter is likely to help make MKV understand these programs.

    PS You can use all the specified DXVA codecs in Media Player Classic Home Cinema through the mechanism of connecting external DirectShow filters. Microsoft H.264 is built into Windows 7, and PowerDVD and Divx need to be installed, then the codecs will be visible from MPC-HC.

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