Simkl launches Promo Manager - a tool for promoting startups and online stores

    Simkl has released " Promo Manager " - a free service for promoting your website, startup or online store on Twitter and blogs in exchange for distributing invites and promo codes to your users.

    If you have: a discount coupon, invite, secret content that is hidden behind a secret link, etc., you can exchange it for a message on the user's twitter account or for a post on his blog.

    The system will automatically send a message on behalf of the user to Twitter or a blog. Then it will check the correctness of the sent message and give the user your promotional code, invite code, URL, etc., provided that this message was sent correctly.

    Just add your promotional codes and enter what you want users to leave on Twitter or write on blogs. The site will create a special link for your promotional code or invite that you can give to your users. Here is an example of such a page: .

    Why distribute invites through Simkl?
    • If you have a closed registration, you receive a large number of requests to give an invite code. Using the Promo manager, you can automatically distribute invitation codes only to people who are really interested in your service and who are ready to advertise your services. These are the people you really want to invite.
    • Automatically find and give invites to enthusiasts who are ready to test your project if it is not 100% ready.

    Why distribute coupons, vouchers using Simkl?
    • Encourage people to tweet and blog about you
    • To increase customer base
    • To increase customer loyalty
    • To promote sales (e.g. excess inventory)
    • To increase brand awareness
    • To reward existing customers
    • To showcase new products and / or services
    • To remind customers of seasonal purchases
    • To attract traffic to the company website

    Further promo video and a few screenshots:


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