RU-Center has fun

    Today, having visited my site, I was terribly annoyed by the unpleasantly long download thereof. I remember something similar, but after optimization, we achieved a decrease in server load and, accordingly, increased download speed.

    Everything went fine until today. Today, again, faced with brakes. Having entered the hosting control panel, I found such an unpleasant picture. The


    hosting provider without warning reduced the amount of allocated memory from 500 mb to 128 mb. as a result of which the muscle just began to choke on the number of requests and, accordingly, the entire site began to shamelessly slow down.

    Work to reduce the load is already underway, however, in connection with the latest events around the host and its policy, the question arose of an urgent change of the latter.

    I would like to hear from the competent public advice on which hoster is best to go to, as well as hear both subjective and objective arguments in favor of the recommended hosters.

    Requirements for the hoster:

    MySQL databases - from 5
    Sites - from 5
    Access - SSH, FTP
    Number of memories -> 350 mb
    Number of processes -> from 25
    The desire to spend money a month - up to 1500 rubles.
    Place on HDD - 4 Gb
    Adequate technical support

    PS: Topic has likely nature of the question, but unfortunately this section Habré did not find, in connection with which I beg your pardon.

    UPD: Specifically, I do not give links to the site, I'm afraid "know_ what_ yourself"

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