The ban on the placement of Kazakhstan servers outside the country has been lifted

    Today I learned the good news that now sites on .kz domains can officially be hosted on servers outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. This was done at the request of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti (thanks to this Hungarian writer). As you know, this year Kazakhstan is the chairman of the OSCE and our government wants to comply with the rules of this organization. Moreover, de facto, a lot of Kazakhstan sites were hosted and hosted outside the geographic boundaries of Kazakhstan. On March 23, the new rules for the distribution of the domain space of the Kazakhstan segment of the Internet will come into force, what will they bring to us? Let's try to figure it out.

    On the website is the institution “KazNIC” (, who is the top level domain name support manager of KZ. The latest news is dated February 1, 2007. For three years, no changes in the rules, nor in the regulations and prices have occurred. Apparently new rules will appear there on March 23, after their entry into force. The rules themselves were published in the newspaper Yuridicheskaya Gazeta dated March 12, 2010 No. 37 (1833). Incidentally, the aforementioned Miklos Haraszti requested the abolition of this rule back in 2005. But then she was safely rejected.

    In fact, in Kazakhstan this point of the rules was paid attention quite rarely. You could safely buy a .kz domain, register an American hosting server ns to it and use it without any problems. We resorted to it several times to close the resources, which were already very light. But still, having a hosting outside of Kazakhstan, webmasters felt vulnerable. And after the incident with, the owners of local resources that are gaining strength became completely scared.

    Here I need to say a few words about hosting in Kazakhstan. If Russian webmasters complain about the high cost of Russian hosters, then Kazakhstan can only envy their envy. Hosting prices in the treasury are an order of magnitude higher than Russian prices and often hosting is provided for this money. Recently, many webmasters of their own free will began to transfer their sites to sites within Kazakhstan, due to the fact that the traffic within Kazakhtelecom JSC’s network is not charged and delivered at a higher speed than external traffic. This is a great step for promoting sites on the Internet, as most users do not have an Internet connection with a lot of agility.

    Of some points that should be noted in the new rules:

    1) According to the amendments, registration of a domain name is refused if there is a court decision that has entered into force prohibiting the use of a domain name with the same or duplicate name .

    How to regard the phrase "duplicate name" is not entirely clear. For example, is the duplicate name

    2) Not providing additional data;

    Which ones? Additional data besides the data indicated during the registration of the domain or some other?

    3) The court decision to suspend the dissemination of information posted on the Internet resource, which is the mass media , entails a ban on the use of a domain name with the same or duplicate namefor up to three months .

    The rules have been updated under the law, according to which any site in the .kz domain zone is a mass medium. Now sites as people can be imprisoned for a term =) By the way, again, the wording of the duplicate name is not very clear here.

    PS If someone finds new rules, or someone has Yuridicheskaya Gazeta dated March 12, 2010 No. 37 (1833), please share.

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