A new game will be released for the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man series

    At the end of last week at the 2010 Amusement Expo (March 10–12, Las Vegas, USA), a slot machine with a new game from the immortal series was demonstrated. Namco calls it a gift to all fans of a haunted maze and dot-eating ball.

    Demonstration of the Pac-Man Battle Royale slot machine:

    The game, dubbed Pac-Man Battle Royale, will be released on slot machines in September from. g. (other platforms not yet reported). The highlight of the project will be a competitive mode, designed for four users. Moving through neon labyrinths, rivals must collect classic points, dodge ghosts and interfere with rivals in every possible way. By the way, getting special bonuses, you can eat everything that is on the level. Including other players.
    via compulenta

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