Win a ticket to Stanford University International Technology Symposium!

    Global Techology Symposium, BIT contest and Unova portal agreed on cooperation. Now Unova's readers can get to the GTS for free.

    How? Everything is simple - leave your application on the website in the comments to the article by Alexandra Johnson - write who you are and why you should get a lucky ticket from UNOVA. At the end of the week, we will transfer the names of the lucky ones to the GTS organizing committee.
    More about the terms of the promotion

    GTS (Global Technology Symposium, Stanford University, USA). The annual International Technology Symposium at Stanford University is the leading conference on technology trends and investments, where Russia and countries of Eastern Europe have traditionally received much attention. The target audience of the event is the leading investors of the USA and developing countries, top managers of high-tech companies, business angels, startups. Speakers include renowned experts in technology, business, and politics. The official website of the symposium is

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