BenQ V2410

    My old Philips 150B4 monitor has become suitable only for reading texts, movies cannot be watched normally, as well as working on 1024 * 768.

    After some thought, the condition was set to buy a monique with LED (LED backlight) and, I managed to find such a monique, and not for such sky-high money.

    BenQ and FlashComs


    It was decided to buy in the not-so-well-known FlashComputers store .

    The service pleased, I didn’t have to stand for long, soon a specially trained man came to the monitor , picked up the invoices and very soon returned with a monik.

    They unpacked it in the store, connected it via VGA to some machine, which, apparently, was needed only for this.

    A quick inspection showed the absence of broken pixels and scratches, and I liked the design even before the trip to the store.

    The settings

    buttons seemed uncomfortable ... NVTest went the same way without complaints.

    Let me remind you that Monica has two inputs: VGA, HDMI, as well as an audio output [1]

    In general, there was no dissatisfaction with the quality in the store and, having purchased a “bank” and a DVI-HDMI cable [2], Moniquerushed dragged home - to dismember a more thorough examination.


    Box from the front and top: Actually, it comes with its package



    • Monitor
    • Stand
    • VGA-VGA cable
    • Network 220


    The stand is attached to Monica with a small cunning screwdriver, which I did not immediately figure out even when it was done in front of my eyes in the store. At the same time, no matter how surprising it might seem, a DVI-HDMI cable was purchased in the same store. [2]: My NVidia GeForce 6600GT card, no matter how old it may seem, is quite acceptable, it can output via VGA or DVI. There was once an assumption that the Philips 150B4 would be better connected via DVI, despite the fact that it only accepts VGA, so a DVI-VGA adapter was purchased, of this order:



    image, and Monique successfully connected to DVI. In order not to translate the digit into an analog again or to connect a new monik by analog, I bought such an adapter actually ... The DVI connector on the board got busy, and the wonderful DVI-VGA adapter went to die resting on a shelf.


    There was no firewood in the set, I downloaded it from the Internet. I still don’t understand why such a low refresh rate ... It’s stated 76, the maximum can only be set to 60.

    In the process of curbing the hardware settings, it was revealed that the buttons that seemed uncomfortable for the first time were very practical and were not devoid of logic.

    Buttons from top to bottom:
    • Auto
    • Menu
    • Up
    • Down
    • Enter

    Although they are "pimpochki", but the fingers can be placed conveniently enough: the second to fifth on the keys of the Menu, the Up, Down The, the Enter
    the Menu - menu access and care to level up
    Up / Down - movement
    Enter - care level down
    about the same fingers mean the same.

    Dynamic contrast and brightness, of course, cannot but please.

    In the settings there are profiles, volume, Senseye Demo [3], a range of colors, choice of sors, auto power off and the like nonsense.

    [1]: The fact is that, up to this point in my life, I have never had a deal with HDMI and, quite simply, have stepped a little. After all, HDMI it transmits _ multimedia information_, therefore, SOUND. I’m sure that for 98% of the habrasociety this is not news, but it led me into a stupor: “INPUT for headphones ... INPUT, it means that the sound should go out of Monica, which means it must somehow get there, or it’s a typo, and this is the input for sound, which means there are speakers in Monica ... which speakers ?, there are none ... or is it not just holes for heat dissipation ... can we connect the headphones, will the sound magically appear? .. not ... like it can get into it ... Vga ... HDMI ! * climbed into the wiki and opened his mouth "- my chain of thoughts on the way out for sound ... now this is ridiculous ... My card, of course, doesn’t have any SPDIF and others like them,

    Actually, a headphone input, or, better, an audio output (there would be less stupor): My small-soft webcam, which perhaps deserves a separate review, has a small clip, which was successfully attached to 150B4, but it also fixed on the “bank” quite successfully: [3]: Having cut the Senseye Demo, the left half of the screen was distorted, although perhaps it seemed to me because the right half remained the same, and I climbed to the cans website and looked at what it was. Proof I do not remember. It turns out that this function is not just some kind of bug, but a pretty useful thing, as the site says again, but why in the HARDWARE there are demos for me still do not understand ... Any ideas or results of googling about sensei? Maybe you should write a separate article about this? ..



    Multi-monitor configuration

    Something like this. My vidyaha has two ways, as I said, and since I still have an old Monique, I decided to steal it.
    As well as those responding to a special topic about multi-screen configurations, I completely agree - __ this __ terribly __ convenient __ The
    bank is located “correctly”, perpendicular to the line of sight, and the phillips is somewhere at an angle of -50 digry from the left relative to the bank.
    A chair with a swivel mechanism The
    cool - chair allows you to work equally comfortably on one and the other and, as it was not surprising, did not seem to work on both at once

    UPS and his miserable life

    The upsik got to keep the jar directly with the ups wire, the Philips only needed to eat from the outlet. Accordingly, I still have one extra 220 cable, a VGA-VGA from a set of banks and a DVI-VGA adapter.
    I am sure that this “superfluous” will not be superfluous, and will soon find its application.

    For some reason, the UPS started to take off, I SUDDENLY and, no matter how surprising it seemed, with my foot, hit the switch of the socket / extension multiplier and knocked the fuck out of the computer, and it ... went out !!! I figure out what I have with the UPS, however and no desire. Jumps are not observed ... Saw off a leg ??

    So, summing up the pros / cons of descending results

    0 Inconvenient attachment to the webcam ... is this a minus ??
    0 The sound output is empty ... maybe this is a minus of the video ?? (I’m waiting for advice? Can I “solder” the sound output of the card to HDMI to the monitor?)
    - Impossibility or difficulty in setting the maximum screen update (waiting for advice)
    - 5ms response, small loops remain
    - Not a very large viewing angle from the bottom

    ++ ++ LED ->
    + Of course, the dynamic contrast of 5 million!
    + Frosted screen coverage
    + Viewing angles
    + Diagonal - 24 "
    + HD resolution usable - 1920 * 1080
    + Presumably good Senseye (waiting for advice)
    + Good refresh rate?
    + Monique is big, there is a lot of space behind it, you can store any rubbish and whoever sees it ...
    + A cup of coffee is conveniently located under the clave, or rather, the clave leaves the leaving tray on the table, thus providing an almost orthopedic tilt and your hands get tired less, you can see the keyboard, you don’t have to pull the tray, it also has room for trash%)
    + The black coating focuses on the image (for some it is debatable)

    It is possible that you can find many more advantages ... Acquaintance continues =)

    In the near future you can see review pchelaynovskogo Internet, although it is already done, but there are described all the disadvantages and did not seem to observe the pros ... for Keep of The Earth Lookin 'Great ATTENTION! This review was written by



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