The riot because of the "Farmer"


    Today I found out about the news, which, perhaps, will amuse someone, and will force someone to ask certain questions.

    The fact is that just the other day, the “Happy Farmer”, the most popular on the Vkontakte social network, simply changed its design and demonstrated new game models. Regular customers of the game did not like these changes. Moreover, this resulted in a stream of endless abuse, according to eyewitnesses, in a frank obscenity towards the owners on the company's official forum. Special activists created their own VKontakte groups, such as “Bring Back the Old Happy Farmer,” in which they called for massively removing the game application from their pages. The number of which in a few days has grown to several thousand members. The design of the groups resembles the wall of a military camp, with posters and speeches, chronicle of events ... But all this would remain childish fun if it weren’t for the money invested by people. It turns out expenses of some especially avid players reach 5000 rubles per month! (according to the participants themselves). In our country, in the outback people live on such a salary ... The amounts spent on the purchase of services are quite large, however, as the dissatisfied themselves found out, in fact, they do not owe anything in return for the money spent! Actually, you can change the order of the provision of services tomorrow, and the money spent today will go to nothing.

    Rummaging through the network, I discovered that similar events were already unfolding about a year ago, when the infuriated users of S.F. tried to judge and even called for the physical destruction of the creators of the game. The reason then was the "zeroing" of game accounts. Which led to the actual financial loss of players investing considerable amounts in the purchase of services.

    Recently, it has become fashionable to pursue pirates, bribe-takers, police, in the end. But for some reason they turn a blind eye to the fact that spheres that were not taken seriously before are ripening and developing. They already earn a lot of money, but are not responsible for the product and services. And oddly enough, despite the "ephemeral nature" of the virtual product, ordinary users are already considering the loss of it as a direct damage to property.

    Perhaps there will be more knowledgeable people in such matters who will give a more specific assessment of a particular situation and situation in general? What are the obligations of a person taking SMS for a “super broom” in an online game?

    PS I read the comments, and I understand that I made a mistake by placing a lot of emphasis on Farmer. Nevertheless, I’ll clarify and supplement - I wanted to say that in our life (even if not personally in yours, but in the lives of others), more and more often the virtual takes on the character of the real. I can make the same requirements for an electronic cow bought for SMS as for a live one bought in the rural market (with certificates and vaccinations). As one famous film says: “What is reality?”

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