Osu! - music game

    Since many people liked the arkady story about worms, I’ll tell you about the wonderful game osu !, which is installed in my games folder besides worms and stepmania.
    Osu! - a musical game, the essence of which is to move the mouse to the target to the music and press the mouse button or keyboard. In Osu! There are three types of games: Osu !, Taiko and Catch the beat. In the Taiko type, the player needs to press the buttons to the beat of the music without ignorance, and in catch the beat you need to catch all sorts of falling fruits with a little man.

    I rarely play taiko and even less often catch the beat, so I'll talk about the main type of game.
    The game has three elements: regular rounds, spinners and sliders. At the top there is a health-bar, if you miss a lot of elements, then the game ends, in general everything is as usual.
    The game is incredibly convenient in terms of usability: tracks are downloaded from a single directory and imported without restarting the game, you can watch the rating both on the site and in the game, watch other people's replays and comment on them. The game has a built-in track editor. There is a chat room and (based on irc), there is a room #russian.
    Modifiers are also present, some add complexity (hard rock, hidden, flashlight), some reduce (easy mode, no fail), some service ones (no video, autopilot)

    What can I say, you just look at this video played with the easy mode modifier!

    It seems to me that people who play a scarf at work should be interested in the game.
    Website Osu! - osu.ppy.sh
    The game is under windows and under the iPhone, it should run under vine, there is also the original osu! on nintendo ds.

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