The tale of how the angels rewrote the project, and the elders did not regret it

    A long time ago, a year ago, there was one project and his name was . It was created, as the elders used to say, by mysterious Hindu programmers. He lived unhappily, evil bugs tormented his soul. These bugs were not simple, but magic: you kill one, another 20 will appear from nowhere.

    But these bugs were just a consequence of the wrong life of the project. Mysterious Hindu programmers did not educate their “child” according to the canons of MVC and the rapidly changing business logic, did not teach him the basic rules of personal hygiene: clean code in the morning and evening, behave culturally for the creation of new services and much more.

    So he lived like an unfortunate "freak" who erroneously came into the world and dreamed of attention, care and love.

    The elders helped him as they could: found and destroyed bugs, tried to instill good manners, but all these efforts did not give happiness to the project. After all, he clearly understood that he was a burden, that soon the elders would leave for another world, and he would be left alone with his death.

    He felt death approaching him. The proximity of this "lady" made me even more want to live, to understand that much more could be achieved in this life. To say death at the end of the road: “EVERYTHING! I'm happy! I tried everything I wanted! Let's move on…".

    Fate has mercy on Two angels visited him. Their name was Ratibor Strukturkin and Avraam Pofigovich. Looking at the project code, they viciously cursed and began to create a new "body" for The elders rebelled from such news. For their long life no one dared to do this. “You will destroy him. “They were indignant.“ Why redo something, because it works like that, ”they assured. But the angels did not care about these arguments. “A social network in two months .... Easy! - They joked in response to senile insinuations. - Not for the first time. This is our job. ”

    For exactly two months they wrote a new body to the project, every day teaching the divine chosen one the right life. Hard work, purity of intentions have done their job. After three months, the soul of the project moved to a new body, and the angels flew further to fulfill orders from above.

    Since then a new life has begun !!!

    • For two months, no bug;
    • Managers have many new ideas that gradually come to fruition;
    • 50,000 thousand users visit daily and their number is growing;
    • The project now has a “strong and flexible body” and is ready for new adventures!

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