Let me introduce myself: A1 Aggregator

    imageHello, habralyudi. We are pleased to write this post, which opens our hubblog in the epicenter of the Russian-speaking IT community.

    About the company
    Some of us are already familiar, but with someone this acquaintance is yet to come. So, who are we, what are we actually doing and in what capacity can we be of service?
    The company was founded in 2005, and its main focus is SMS billing < there should have been a long list of merits, achievements and regalia, written in a boring official language and occupying 1-2 screens. I think no one is upset if we miss him. >
    Note the most important: at present A1 Aggregatorone of the largest billing in Russia, which is confirmed by the first lines in the ratings of mobile operators. We are part of the A1 media holding and have our short numbers in 27 countries. Therefore, partners can be confident not only in the technical, but also in the financial reliability of the company.

    What is it for
    Perhaps you have an Internet project (or even more than one) or ideas for creating it? In this case, we are pleased to offer you a wonderful opportunity: to organize the acceptance of micropayments directly on your website. Mobile content, online games, SMS chats, SMS voting, rating and gifts on dating sites and social networks, your files, useful programs and articles, booking services, messages on message boards, paid consultations, all this your visitors will be able to fast and easy to pay via SMS. Favorable tariffs, ready-made scripts for the most popular solutions and round-the-clock support are attached, you connect and immediately start work.

    Something else?
    In addition to SMS billing, we have other useful services available directly from your personal account. The Plati solution allows you to accept payments of up to 10,000 rubles through ordinary payment terminals. Using SendSMS, you can organize SMS mailings. They can be useful for reminders, congratulations, reports and other informing your customers. The partner services ZvukiSMS and Pozdravitel will allow you to organize the sale of voice and video cards for mobile phones, and the file-sharing service FreeFolder allows you to earn money by placing files on the network.

    In our blog, we will talk about how to use the A1 platform and discover the secrets of organizing profitable projects. We hope that our services will be of interest to you, and will bring many benefits.

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