Elusive Google Mail Technical Support

    I have been using Google Mail for a long time and recommend it to everyone. Or recommended: today's incident made me wonder if I am doing the right thing. I still think that in terms of the convenience of the interface, Gmail is the best, but this is not the only factor to choose.

    So that's what happened. First, a couple of days ago, they sent me an SMS and a letter to this very Google mail, they had a code to reset the password. I, of course, did not order it. I decided that probably someone was sealed up, although this would be rather unlikely: my address is of the form lastname.name@gmail.com, and the last name with the name is not the most common. In general, I was surprised, but came to the conclusion that this can be ignored, deleted messages and scored.

    Today, strange letters rained down on me:


    Firstly, they were from Chinese domains. Secondly, with Chinese characters inside. Thirdly, two of them were fuckers from Mailer Daemon and looked like I was trying to send them something. In the body of the letter, I allegedly found my message, which also looked rather strange:


    Moreover, it turns out that there were such letters in the sent! To a Chinese address, with one letter in the subject line and an empty body. Although I, of course, did not send such, and generally at that time was sleeping peacefully.
    Having paranoed, I changed my password and decided to contact tech support with the question “What was that?”. But not everything is so simple: I have not found a single way to do this. Yes, there is a forum there. And there is a guide to the FAQ. But where to complain about “my box was hacked” is unknown.

    And yes: my password was not the easiest, with numbers, letters and special characters, I don’t particularly light this box anywhere - I use a different one for registrations. Why did he surrender to some Chinese? I don’t know. So now I don’t even know if it’s worth continuing to use soap, or whether it is worth moving somewhere away from sin.

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