The Ubisoft Chronicles: A Step Towards the Player

    And again about Ubisoft. This time the news is more or less pleasant.

    In Ubisoft, saving their reputation and listening to criticism of the community, they decided to tighten up their “fashionable” defense of games a little. Unsurprisingly, Silent Hunter was broken in less than a day, and cones were streaming onto the heads of developers for a long time .

    The essence and method of protection have not disappeared. The only thing that was done in Ubisoft was “allowed the players,” in the event of a disconnection, to continue the game from the same place where the failure occurred, and not to start all over again, as it was in the previous “version”.

    Those who are still (despite all the barriers of the developer) are going to purchase a licensed Asaassin's Creed 2 or Splinter Cell: Conviction, still have a chance to play at least without tantrums.

    It's only the beginning. I do not exclude the possibility that if Ubisoft realized what kind of hole they were digging for themselves and started looking for ways to resolve the conflict, then other concessions are possible.

    via igromania

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