Questions to Igor Danilov (author of Dr.Web antivirus)

    Igor Danilov, the technical director and owner of Doctor Web, agreed to answer the questions of the habraauditorium.

    Quick reference. Igor Danilov was born on April 22, 1964. After training at the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation, he worked as an engineer for aviation defense projects at TsNPO Leninets. Since 1990, he has been developing anti-virus protection products. The first version of Spider's Web (a prototype of Dr. Web) was released in 1992. It implemented the idea of ​​executing program code in a processor emulator to search for unknown viruses, so Dr.Web worked much more efficiently than Aidstest. After that, Dr.Web earned a reputation as the best tool for trapping polymorphic viruses. Since 2001, has been defending Yandex Mail. It is used in government agencies of Russia and the CIS countries, as well as major enterprises and corporations. Dr.Web Anti-virus as a service is offered by more than 200 providers.

    Habrainterview format remains the same. Leave your questions in the comments to this topic in the format of "one comment - one question." Voting for the best questions will continue for two days, and then we will collect them and send them to Igor Danilov. Replies will be published shortly after.

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