Stackoverflow language popularity

    I was always confused by the report from Tiobe , well, it does not look like the truth. Well, at least because Delphi is in 9th place, and javascript is in 10th, i.e. last and pre-location in the top-10. And this is in our time of web 2.0 development, well, obviously, it should be in a different order. Well, in other languages, everything is somehow suspicious. But what, in fact, is now popular with advanced programmers? And it turned out to be quite simple to determine, just look at and see the popularity of tags (they are clearly attached there to languages, there are a bunch of moderators monitoring the correctness of tags)

    So, a rating based on stackoverflow (language is the number of tags):
    1. c # - 65974
    2. java - 37323
    3. php - 30389
    4. javascript - 27256
    5. c ++ - 24215
    6. python - 19403
    7. sql - 16553
    8. ruby - 15055
    9. c - 10419
    10. objective-c - 8781

    I’m not sure that it accurately reflects the situation, but at least it seems to be true :) And as for C # being the leader, as I understand it, this is all due to the fact that we all know, I think, Joel Spolsky, part-time initiator of the resource, specializes in it, and was able to primarily attract programmers in this area to the resource.

    ps If you want to play it yourself, or see the "complete list", then you can try this with the following code (in python):
    import urllib2
    from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
    def tags_count(tag):
      page = urllib2.urlopen("" % tag)
      soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
      return soup.find('div', attrs={'class': 'summarycount'}).string
    tags = ['java', 'c', 'php', 'c++', 'groovy', 'scala', 'clojure', 'erlang', 'haskell']
    for tag in tags:
      print("%s;%s" % (tag, tags_count(tag)))

    pps just do not use the DDoS site :)

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