Enterprise File Sync

    I ended up in such an organization, where the order inherent in two thousand years reigns.
    Users store files on local computers, do not have copies, and in the event of a breakdown or deletion / change of files, all data is lost.

    At more or less serious enterprises, the system is usually tougher and it all boils down to installing electronic document management, at least 1C Archive .

    But I will save the options with the workflow for later, and now I would like to find out how much it is really possible to do without it?
    There are only 50 cars, some are even 10 kilometers away.
    The hunt was to have a single archive with documents and it somehow beautifully backed up.

    I would really like to consider this option:
    Users store documents locally (for cases when something terrible can happen - problems with the server) and on the server (like a mirror).
    Each user is synchronized with the server (some good program).
    In turn, the server (if you can call it that, or rather file storage) synchronizes documents to a service like DropBox or Live Mesh.

    The problem is in synchronizing users with the server.

    Please tell us how it was done at your work?

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